​Braxton Molinaro, client "Rochelle Shulman is truly one of the greatest professionals I've ever encountered. A pillar of support who passionately believes in young people and their ability to run steadfast in a business that can easily swallow you whole. A champion for her clients and a heart of gold. Anyone in this business would be insanely lucky to be represented by RKS."

Brittany Hammond, client "I could not be prouder to be an RKS client! Shelli knows me not only as a performer and artist, but most importantly as a person. Her passion for her job truly shows in her work and I wouldn't be where I am today without her guidance and representation."

Mara Harnett Marshall, mother of client Dylan Clark Marshall“Rochelle Shulman manages my son Dylan's budding career, with unparalleled care, respecting him both as a young actor and also as a growing child.  She uses her expertise wisely to support the entire process for him and our family.  She is a heart-felt champion of her client.”

 Grant Rosenmeyer, client "Over these past nine years, Shelli Shulman has been more than just a manager-she's like a member of the family."

"Shelli has been my son's manager for more than nine years.  She has guided his career as if he was her own. When we were on location and had a problem, she did what was needed to solve it. I could not have negotiated this business without her support and guidance.  I believe that there is no better manager in the business on either coast and that we are lucky to have her in our lives professionally and personally." Debra Rosenmeyer, mother of client  Grant Rosenmeyer

Joyce Hall, vocal coach“RKS Management is a highly selective management company whose fortunate clients benefit from the uncommon insight of Rochelle Shulman as she guides and builds their careers.  Shelli is a great judge of talent and personally nurtures and leads her clients through the tricky audition and business processes that are a necessary part of life in the theatre.  Further, she is a skillful and charmingly effective negotiator as well as a terrifically nice human being!”

 Allison Fischer, client"I signed with Shelli when I was 9 years old and I'm now 19, does that say enough?  Having someone there to guide you through this crazy business with the knowledge that Shelli has is priceless."

Brian and Jean Fischer, parents of client Allison Fischer"As parents of a child in the business, Shelli fulfills the "personal" in personal manager.  She is a great liaison, encourager and insight into the entertainment industry.  She is also a parent and understands the balance between the challenges and demands, and the well-being of our child.”

Katherine Doherty, client"Shelli makes me feel like I am her only client, even though I know she has many and she makes them all feel this way.  I love that Shelli wants to talk to me, not just my parents.  She wants to know what I'm thinking and feeling and she always boosts my confidence and makes me feel like the sky is the limit." 

"I feel so fortunate to have Shelli manage my daughter's interest in the professional performing arts. Shelli is so well respected in the professional community and she was in my shoes as a parent with a child working in this profession.  She understands the choices we face and how these choices impact both the child and the family.  In addition to being my daughter's advocate, Shelli has become our close friend. "Lauren Doherty, mother of client Katherine Doherty